Excellent Transition Services

People in Action offer excellent transition services in residential settings throughout their geographical area. Our residential homes offer 24 hour care accommodating short stay and emergency admissions and also function as assessment units.

People requiring transition services come to us usually due to changes in their individual needs, and therefore they need to be assessed to determine the support they require to lead a meaningful lifestyle.

Once the customer has settled in they are assessed on a daily basis for the amount of support they require to meet their needs. Aspects of their daily life are considered such as getting up, food preparation, personal care, social support, need for verbal prompting, physical support and levels of independence. We all work towards positive outcomes but with some assessment work we need to be recording challenging behaviour risks also in order to ensure the individual gets the right level of support.

Each customer is encouraged to be as independent as possible and as confidence grows support needs may change. Social workers, families and other professionals are always kept informed to ensure that customers continue to receive the correct level of support when they move on. There is no definite time limit for the length of stay but each customer is made aware that the assessment home is temporary and when ready they will be moving on. Most people go into supported living or residential homes and are fully supported throughout this process.

For more information please ring 02476 643776