Bulkington Carnival

Following on from the success of the Nuneaton Carnival a fortnight earlier, the Day Opportunities team entered the Bulkington Carnival last weekend.

A lot of effort had gone into the Nuneaton Carnival float and the Bulkington Carnival float was going to also get the special People in Action magic. Customers and staff had chosen Peter Pan as the theme. The float was decorated with different scenes from the film such as the ticking crocodile and the Neverland Forest.

Preparation continued up until the morning of the carnival to ensure the float looked perfect.

Martin Bliss, Day Opportunities Coordinator said:

 “Customers are over the moon to get first place at Bulkington Carnival and we feel proud of their achievements. Both Nuneaton and Bulkington Carnivals are close together but we all pulled together and our hard work has paid off.”

A big well done to all staff and customers involved who put their time and effort into the float creation, costumes and participation on the day!

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