A big thank you!

A big thank you to the members of The North Midlands Ladies Bowling League for fundraising the sum of £517 for Bedworth Community Gardens.

Last week we were honoured to welcome Gina Newby and Pat Moore from the club to show them the brand new Display Cart that we were able to purchase using their kind donation.

Gina and Pat met with Rob Bell, the Gardens Nurseries Manager, to hand over a plaque for the new cart. During their visit, both Gina and Pat had the opportunity to meet our trainees and have a look around the site. The cart will allow the trainees to showcase the produce and plants that they grow in the garden.

For the duration of summer the cart will be situated outside within the courtyard of the Community Gardens, displaying the lovely plants that we have to offer.

Please come and pick up a good quality plant and support a good cause!



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