People in Action is not only an organisation that invests in its Customers, but it’s also an organisation that invests in its Staff. The Training Department at People in Action is focused on nurturing and developing staff skills in a blended learning environment.

We understand that people learn in a variety of ways and aim to create and deliver courses that appeal to all such learners. It's important to us that all staff start with the same level of knowledge and understand the quality standards that we set at People in Action.

We run a very comprehensive mandatory training, which all employees must complete before progressing towards on the job training. The mandatory training covers the following courses:

  • Care Certificate as prescribed by the Skills for Care Authority. This part of training is run over 3 days and incorporates Health and Safety, Safeguarding, Effective Communication, Equality and Inclusion, Principles for implementing Duty of Care, Person Centred Support and Personal Development.
  • Medication Administration
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid (Accredited)
  • Basic Food Hygiene (Accredited)
  • Infection Control 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Fire Safety 


All of the forenamed training courses are run on a monthly basis in our Training Rooms and delivered by professional, knowledgeable and interactive trainers. As a department, we gain regular feedback from our staff to ensure that our trainers are delivering to the standard that is required and keeping participants engaged.

We also run a number of client specific training courses in order to ensure that our staff are fully equipped to work with clients who have specific needs. Some of the specific training courses include Autism Training, Diabetes Training and Intensive Communication Training for Support Staff who work with clients that are non verbal.

People in Action also believes in assisting staff in their personal development and will discuss progression paths during yearly appraisals and Supervisions conducted every 6 to 8 weeks. Some of the ways in which People in Action support staff in their career progression includes financing employees to complete their level 2 QCF in Health and Social Care as well as giving staff the opportunity to contribute to services by working on care plans, rotas and audits. We understand that people want to do well in their chosen careers and take pride in assisting staff to meet their personal development goals.

As a provider of Support to Adults with Learning Disabilities we understand the importance of providing our customers with trained, quality staff. We also recognise that some Employers may not have the numbers of staff or finances to place their staff on the necessary training courses and as such open our Training courses for care professionals and aspiring care professionals to attend on a pay as you go basis. For more details on our Training timetable and individual costs, please contact our training department on 02476 643776.